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So today sees another place in desperate need of rebranding. Yes that's right folks, Austria. I don't know if the big media corporations have been reading my blog and so are just sticking the word "rebranding" in the hope that I will mention them or link to them, but by jove, this time it has worked! Would you believe it! But the problem is, instead of mentioning any kind of context, I've just written this mangled garbage, so it's probably backfired on them! Aha! In your face Murdoch and Maxwell!

So Britain apparently loves a good Innuendo. No, of course not the Queen album! Don't be silly!This is all because the sexually repressed need a tittilating way to express their kinkiness, and the perfect outlet for this is a good old innuendo. Here is a joke that I heard a long while about an innuendo, I'm not quite sure who told it to me so I can't quite give you credit: "A man walked into a bar and asked for a double entendre. So he gave her one." BOOM BOOM! Oh yes, with jokes like that, I think you'll agree, this blog will never go stale!

It won't be long until I have to wave goodbye to something that has overtaken my life in the last few months, and that is of course the dissertation. It will of course be an enormous relief to finally get the bugger bound up and handed in, but at the same time I think I'm going to miss the little fellow. Here's a charming picture of a small boy celebrating me coming to the end of my dissertation in true national identity style! Everybody say 'aaaah'. Hoorah!

Anyway, join me tomorrow for a special report on the local elections, including a minute by minute account of my journey to the polling station! Oh yes, I really do spoil you lucky people!

I'm off to (insert your own innuendo here - so to speak). xx

Click here for today's media blog on the most offensive advert in Britain.


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