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Yesterday the God Squad called round for a bit of a chat before tea-time. Although these were nice God-squadders, no trying to convert me, just a nice chat about why we're here. I wanted to answer because this is where I live, this is my house you lunatics! But they meant in a more deep-and-meaningful, did God-create-us way - I told them I was here by chance. This was one of the options on the nice green sheet they gave me. If only all the answers in life were as simple as that nice green sheet then we'd have a lot less to worry about.

What do I think about Jesus? I said he was a good teacher - although, his stance on punctuation is unknown. If he taught the kids how to use colons and stuff, I'd say he was even better. But that's just something I'll never know I guess.

I've decided I want to travel around, but being poor (and anti-consumerist) I naturally don't want to pay for it, therefore, if anybody wants to pay me to travel around and come up with exciting blogs such as my Hungarian ones, then please let me know. You wouldn't have to pay me much, just expenses naturally. And I think you'll agree, that the blogs will be truly fantastic, and your page will become the biggest read page in the history of the whole entire interweb. Fantastico.

And on that note, for all of you sensible people who like to check out my photo blog, good news kids, it's expanded! Check out the ultra-new shiny and super page here. Again, if anybody wants to pay me to take photos of various cities, then I shall do that for you too - just let me know. I'll be waiting.

I've read today that more people in Britain donate to donkey charities than donate to abuse charities. I'm not sure which category donkey abuse comes under, but I'm guessing the first. I'm not sure what to make of it, I can't say I'm surprised by it. Next time I see that donkey advert though I'm going to shout at the television "you've got enough money, you robbing donkeys!" and see how they like that. I know they won't be able to understand me - donkeys do not have the same cerebral functioning of the average human being, but I will feel like justice is being done. Next time I visit Blackpool, I'll kick a donkey in the shin and steal some money from it, then it will know what it's like to be a victim of abuse in this country! Right on sister!

Why on Earth are McDonald's dressing up their slaves like this. That's right as a "mark of respect" for their staff. How about paying them more than 10p an hour, and in fact telling them that surely there must be better jobs than working in that hell-hole? I bet the kids who work there are just so happy that the boss-men have decided to dress them up like a badly-dressed air-stewardess (jeez that's bad) . That'll make the days shovelling burgers down the throats of the fatties whizz by. Well done.

O, it is excellent
To have a giant's strength; but it is tyrannous
To use it like a giant

Not my words of course, but Shakespeare's. Happy Birth and Death day to him today. The quote is from Measure for Measure, supposedly a comedy, but about as funny as Mr Bean. No, wait that's too harsh. It does have a character called Pompey Bum in it, and that's a joke that just keeps on giving. The words are spoken by a nun. Today's blog theme could almost be nuns, almost. But it won't be. Not today - come back tomorrow instead perhaps. If I was being political today I would argue that that quote resonates quite well with lots of world leaders in the current climate. But I'm not feeling that political, so I'll just carry on laughing at Pompey Bum. Ha ha ha.

Today is St. George's Day. Ah, like so many great English folk, St George was in fact, not English. Tell that to the Daily Express buffoons! Anyway, as more people in fact celebrate Bonfire Night nowadays, I'm hoping my little corner of blog will tell everyone that it's not a crime to celebrate St. George's Day - so get out there and pretend like you care about England and maybe one day you really will. This paragraph doesn't really apply to any of my Welsh fans, so apologies for that.

Anyway, I think I've talked for long enough now, this extra long blog is to make up for the fact that there was a stunning lack of blog-action yesterday - many apologies.

Farewell, I'm off to kick a donkey.



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