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Today I accidentally posted what was meant to be my main blog in my media blog. 

Then I realised that as it was about advertising, it should probably stay there. So head over there (see link on the left) fans for something truly spectacular about Smarties. No, really. 

In other news, that magazine I put on eBay is currently selling for £7.50. The capitalist agenda rages on! 

So here's something for everyone to consider, what is the role of the matriarch in the modern-day soap opera? Should we all aim to be a bit more like Pat Butcher? Or is it Pat Evans? I can never keep up with these name changes. As far as I'm concerned, Dot will always be Dot Cotton. Yes that's right - my dissertation also rages on. There's a lot of raging on today. Although it's nearly finished. I think I will be quite sad. Especially when I get a third for it. Oh well. At least I got to stare out the library twins. My library reign may resume later this week, so watch out! 

That's all for now folks, I'm off to think about doing some work. 


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