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So the famous Peace sign is fifty this year. I don't know about you, but I always assumed that the sign was many centuries old and had been adopted for such a purpose. I've chosen this picture > because it's taken in Budapest, and I'm going there on Friday. Wouldn't it be nice if the people of Budapest made a symbol like this for my arrival... I doubt they will though. Which is a shame.

In other news from the past week, mobile phones are to be allowed on European flights. I for one think this is a shame. Although I'm a self-confessed phone junkie, and go into panic mode when I can't find it for longer than ten seconds, flights surely has to the be one of the last haven from those annoying types who have a problem with personal space and feel the need to share their lives with everyone else. There's also something quite nice about being completely unreachable for a few hours. Anyway, whenever I do leave my phone somewhere, when I'm reunited with it I'm always disappointed to find I've had no missed calls, no missed texts, no anything. I'm always secretly hoping that the world will have been desperate to contact me and I will have had fifteen seperate declarations of undying love. Dream on.

Glastonbury's not sold out this year, when previously it's taken just 90 minutes. Pundits are blaming 'festival fatigue' and predicted bad weather. I don't understand that one, despite last year's wash out, everybody on the television seemed to be loving it. Mind you, they're not likely to show someone looking cold, miserable, wet, desperate for a shower and grumpy about it too. That would most definitely be me. I've always liked the idea of festivals, but always found them somewhat hard to get on with. Especially Glastonbury, I just couldn't handle the mud.

I happened to hear for the millionth time today 'Rock Star' by Nickelback and I was reminded of the same thought that I've held since I first heard it on the radio. Why do they block out the word 'drug' but not the phrase 'we'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat'? Surely the kids aren't going to hear the word 'drug' and rush off to their local dealer to get some crack? And surely eating disorders are just as bad as drug habits anyway? Answers on postcard please.

And my final thought today goes out to Martyn and his cat. I hope they are having a very lovely day, and have another one tomorrow. Here is a picture of the cat for you all to enjoy.

So until the next time,

Give peace a chance. x


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