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Today I present a few questions for your consideration:

1) Are we what we do or are we who we are?

If I am a journalist, am I journalism? It's abstract thoughts such as these which keep me from writing anything with any coherance, so apologies for that.

2) Are the capturing of pictures to commemorate an event more important than the actual event which it is commemorating? Sometimes, it seems to me like taking a photograph is more essential than the experience, which seems a shame to me. But then again I guess it's just symptomatic of an obsession with trying to keep mementos of our youth and experiences for when we are old. I just hope that when we are old, we won't just have hundreds of photos capturing something we don't remember doing.

3) Why is it that people are obsessed with Jack the Ripper? Only today I received a magazine featuring a big special on the elusive murderer. If Jack the Ripper had been caught, do you think that people would be so fascinated with him today? Oh and what is with people's fascination with the morbid - if this kind of thing happens today we are horrified, but in 100 years time it turns into entertainment - what's that all about?

And I'd like to end today's blog on a nice philosophy:

*Learn as if you were going to live forever*

Au revoir chums x Click here for today's media blog!


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