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In the 1880s, a man who attacked and stabbed over 50 women received only 6 years imprisonment, which was, by the standards of the day, an extraordinarily long sentence. Something like that really makes you wonder if the English legal system really has gotten as bad as it is often declared so. Comments welcome. If anybody is actually reading this, it could provide an interesting debate. If nobody is, then it can just be added to the extensive portfolio of rantings that I come out with nowadays. Does this blog even exist, without a readership?

Wednesday usually turns out to be a productive day, but as I no longer have to be up so early and sitting in front of a computer screen, I'm afraid that the normal rest-of-the-week service may have to be adequate.

In political news this week, it is said that Gordon Brown is preferred abroad to here in old Blighty. I think it's because he's Scottish. What do you think? Either that or it's that weird thing he does with his mouth - no, not talking, although that is slightly annoying too - that weird mouth movement like he's just about to wretch a-la Prescott. Maybe the yanks like that kind of thing, maybe they like Scottish people. Who knows. Maybe they do, but being as I'm not one of them, I'm not sure I can answer it fully.

I was also reading, in the very same article, that in London there is a professor in "contemporary British history". Now most people would probably call this "news", or maybe "politics". Contemporary British History - it sounds like another rebranding gone wrong yet again!

I have to tell you that the contents of today's blog have very little to do with its title, make what you will of that.

Now, as I got invited to be an X-factor judge today - or rather, the "second best thing" (apparently) - judging a website at the annual Bright Futures conference... I want to make this blog a bit more interactive, and I'm also thinking along the lines of a re-brand, because I'm about the only media outlet left who hasn't done that for a while. So, if you like the current look of the blog, please vote by sending the comment "I LOVE YOUR BLOG!". I promise, this is not a blatant and obvious beg for love. Honestly.

We are very nearly at the one-month anniversary of the creation of this blog, one month on and I'm still writing. Who would have thought, one whole month of boredom!


Anyway, that's all for today, I'm off to judge the X-Factor. (Don't forget to check out my media blog for today's exciting entry about kinky porn!)


  1. WhiteRabbit said...
    Is Gordon Broon doing some kind of dance to DJ Otzi's "Hey Baby"
    caught just at the line oh "oooh, ahh"
    emma gambol said...
    emma gambol said...
    I tell you what is weird.

    Yesterday I emailed some of my team with the exact same picture of GB you have used!


    This is just like the number 23

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