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So here we are back to the daily grind...

On my mammoth journey back to Cardiff yesterday, I came up with my top twelve resolutions for this week...

#1 - Get up at a reasonable hour every day - exceptions can be made if a late night of drinking has been involved...
#2 - Get out and about more. Must not turn in to a house cat. 
#3 - Spend as little money as possible, especially on food. 
#4 - Go somewhere I have never been before. 
#5 - Eat more fruit. 
#6 - Use my time more constructively.
#7 - Finish my dissertation...
#8 - Expand my musical and artistic horizons. 
#9 - Decrease the amount of possessions I have - whether this be through serious bin bag purges, sales on eBay or generous donations to charity. 
#10 - Waste less food/make food last longer.
#11 - Make this blog a little more interesting?
#12 - Start making lists with a rounder amount of points. 
#13 - Clean my room. 

We shall see how long it takes to break all of these resolutions, but so far I have already been forced to get up at a reasonable hour for a lecture, and I have sent a lot of possessions to M&D's - although I do realise that this is technically not the same as getting rid of them, but it's a start. Oh and I'm about to clean my room. 

If anybody else has any suggestions for resolutions, answers on a postcard, although I can't guarantee I'll have  time to read them with the amount of resolutions I've got to stick to. 

Au revoir. xx


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