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Nancy was talking to Stacey today when Stacey said that she did not like eating watermelons.

Nancy replied that she too despised the watermelon, but every day she felt compelled to purchase and consume watermelons.

Stacey couldn't quite understand and told Nancy how easy it was to avoid this by not simply not buying watermelons.

"But!" cried Nancy, "It is too hard to avoid, when I read about watermelons in magazines and then hear my friends talking about how great watermelons are!"

"Don't be silly," Stacey tried to reassure Nancy "You can always talk to me, for fear not, I shall never give those silly watermelons praise, and we shall wax lyrical on all manner of other exciting and interesting topics!"

But Stacey could see that the words were lost on Nancy, and that Nancy would probably eat some watermelon that very afternoon. But at least she tried.

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