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A dialogue between myself and the 49 killer ducks at the lake today:

A(standing for me): Mmm, what a lovely day, I have some stale bread here, I think I shall visit the ducks in the park and feed it to them.
D:(standing for any duck, they don't have individual names because they are EVIL): QUACK, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread.
--- 20 minutes later, arriving at the park ---
A: My my, there an awful lot of ducks about today aren't there.
D: QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's got bread, get the bread, get the bread, get the bread, get the bread. GET. THE. BREAD.
A: Here ducks, have some bread.
D: I want the bread. No I want the bread. Give ME the bread. I am going to peck you. Give me the bread. I want the bread. No, I want the bread!
A: Plenty of bread for everyone.
D: Quack quack quack, let's all descend on the bread lady.
A: Woah, where all the ducks coming from? They're everywhere. Argh. You can have the bread, take the bread, take the bread, just don't hurt me.



"If you've got a bazooka, and people know you've got it ... you're not likely to take it out".

That is a quote I found in this week's Newsweek. I like it - mostly because I like the word bazooka, and also because it could be taken in a number of ways - and you'll know if you're a regular reader about my penchant for euphemisms and innuendo.

Do you know, I've ripped out the quote and I don't even know which story it goes with - that's how reckless I am these days, but I'd like to invite you to make up your own stories, the wilder the better.

The problem I see with the quote is that, if people know you've got a bazooka, yes, it's right that you might not need to take it out, but if you never took it out - would people not forget about the said bazooka, and then one day you'd have to take it out just to remind everyone that you had one, and then all kinds of crazy stuff could go down. Do you have any problems with the quote?

In other questions today, Captain Cook - hero or villian? With that haircut how could he be anything other than a villian? Seriously, there's no excuse for that is there?

You may have read in the previous blog post that I fulfilled my life's ambition by visiting Barry Island, well I was back there again on Thursday - what is it called when you have already fulfilled your life ambition and you go back for more - is it greed or what? Still, I think I'll go back again. I like sand.

Well after today's blogging extravaganza, I believe that both you and I should be thoroughly blogged out.

And that's it for today - come back tomorrow to see if there's anything, although judging from the length of today's you might not want to.

Au revoir. x


It's not very often you can say you've fulfilled your life's ambition, but I managed it yesterday, and at the grand young age of 21 at that, I can retire now.

I am of course referring to finally getting to see Barry Island. Yes that's right folks, don't get jealous now, but I also built a sandcastle there too! Now, the only problem is, what do you do when you've fulfilled your life's ambition - it can only really go downhill from there can't it?

No! The answer is of course... to get a NEW ambition! Yes that's right, pick something else slightly unusual out of the air, and make that the next ambition. Of course the best thing about the Barry Island ambition was that it was always fairly easily achieved, so I think the next one should only be a slight step up from that - I'm thinking perhaps a visit to Weston Super Mare, or somewhere even more exotic like Great Yarmouth or Walton on the Naze. You can keep you Rio carnivals and all that jazz, I'm going to the WOW on the waterfront in Cardiff, because I'm that cool! (Or is it because I'm poor - oh well I'm sure those things go hand in hand anyway...)

So I'll leave you to think about what your life ambition is, and whether you've acheived it or not. And just to note, that visiting Barry Island isn't my main, overaching life ambition, although it does help with that, because my main, overaching life ambition is simply to be happy - and you can't ask for more than that.

Ciao for now folks, I'm off to research more life fulfilling ambitions - I'll keep you posted on the details of that.... if you like...

Peace out :)

Why do i check the prices of storage units in the Sunday Times style magazine?
I don't have enough money to buy stuff to store, let alone £2000 storage units. Has my life been reduced to checking such unnecessary fiddlements?

I think the answer can be found in the following conundrum, which is:
Have i been watching this tennis match for my entire life?
During this tennis match, i managed to walk to Albany Road, look around at and photograph various graffiti art, walk around Woolworths, checking everything in minute detail, walk around Bargain Wonderland, or whatever that's called, walk back, read the entire Sunday Times, cook and eat my dinner, get changed, straighten my hair and upload about 100 photos on flickr. From that estimation, I do indeed conclude I was watching this from the moment of conception. or at least it feels that way.

But having invested so much time, I can't stop now? can I? What if it never ends, and this game will go on and on and on, with the eventual loser being the one that dies first, and the score being 157 games to 156?

New Balls Please.


Did you like what I did there? I had this much anticipation, so I made you wait as well.

Then again, I think pretty much everybody who reads this blog knows the result anyway. In case you're wondering what the result I'm referring to, I am of course talking about my degree result.

Well, I have to say it's a big anti-climax, both for you and for me. I think because I'd already pretty much figured out what I was going to get, actually seeing it on the wall didn't really do much for me. It was interesting to have a nosy at what other people got though. I'm shocked at some people's cleverness, and intrigued by other's apparent lack of it. I myself am sat squarely in the middle, and that's better than being on the wrong side of centre, so I'm content.

I'm not particularly happy with what I got for my dissertation, not sure if it was worth it all in the end. Actually yes it was. Gives you something to talk about I suppose. Never mind. Time to move on. Must try harder and all that jazz. Or not try harder and have a life - it's a tough choice, hard to make, it tends to make itself for you. I will try harder... fancy coming out... er yes OK then.

So that's that. And that's me, the graduate. Fancy that.

Until the next time I feel a ramble coming on - Au revoir.

Oh - I got a 2/1.

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