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So today sees another place in desperate need of rebranding. Yes that's right folks, Austria. I don't know if the big media corporations have been reading my blog and so are just sticking the word "rebranding" in the hope that I will mention them or link to them, but by jove, this time it has worked! Would you believe it! But the problem is, instead of mentioning any kind of context, I've just written this mangled garbage, so it's probably backfired on them! Aha! In your face Murdoch and Maxwell!

So Britain apparently loves a good Innuendo. No, of course not the Queen album! Don't be silly!This is all because the sexually repressed need a tittilating way to express their kinkiness, and the perfect outlet for this is a good old innuendo. Here is a joke that I heard a long while about an innuendo, I'm not quite sure who told it to me so I can't quite give you credit: "A man walked into a bar and asked for a double entendre. So he gave her one." BOOM BOOM! Oh yes, with jokes like that, I think you'll agree, this blog will never go stale!

It won't be long until I have to wave goodbye to something that has overtaken my life in the last few months, and that is of course the dissertation. It will of course be an enormous relief to finally get the bugger bound up and handed in, but at the same time I think I'm going to miss the little fellow. Here's a charming picture of a small boy celebrating me coming to the end of my dissertation in true national identity style! Everybody say 'aaaah'. Hoorah!

Anyway, join me tomorrow for a special report on the local elections, including a minute by minute account of my journey to the polling station! Oh yes, I really do spoil you lucky people!

I'm off to (insert your own innuendo here - so to speak). xx

Click here for today's media blog on the most offensive advert in Britain.

In the 1880s, a man who attacked and stabbed over 50 women received only 6 years imprisonment, which was, by the standards of the day, an extraordinarily long sentence. Something like that really makes you wonder if the English legal system really has gotten as bad as it is often declared so. Comments welcome. If anybody is actually reading this, it could provide an interesting debate. If nobody is, then it can just be added to the extensive portfolio of rantings that I come out with nowadays. Does this blog even exist, without a readership?

Wednesday usually turns out to be a productive day, but as I no longer have to be up so early and sitting in front of a computer screen, I'm afraid that the normal rest-of-the-week service may have to be adequate.

In political news this week, it is said that Gordon Brown is preferred abroad to here in old Blighty. I think it's because he's Scottish. What do you think? Either that or it's that weird thing he does with his mouth - no, not talking, although that is slightly annoying too - that weird mouth movement like he's just about to wretch a-la Prescott. Maybe the yanks like that kind of thing, maybe they like Scottish people. Who knows. Maybe they do, but being as I'm not one of them, I'm not sure I can answer it fully.

I was also reading, in the very same article, that in London there is a professor in "contemporary British history". Now most people would probably call this "news", or maybe "politics". Contemporary British History - it sounds like another rebranding gone wrong yet again!

I have to tell you that the contents of today's blog have very little to do with its title, make what you will of that.

Now, as I got invited to be an X-factor judge today - or rather, the "second best thing" (apparently) - judging a website at the annual Bright Futures conference... I want to make this blog a bit more interactive, and I'm also thinking along the lines of a re-brand, because I'm about the only media outlet left who hasn't done that for a while. So, if you like the current look of the blog, please vote by sending the comment "I LOVE YOUR BLOG!". I promise, this is not a blatant and obvious beg for love. Honestly.

We are very nearly at the one-month anniversary of the creation of this blog, one month on and I'm still writing. Who would have thought, one whole month of boredom!


Anyway, that's all for today, I'm off to judge the X-Factor. (Don't forget to check out my media blog for today's exciting entry about kinky porn!)


Nancy was talking to Stacey today when Stacey said that she did not like eating watermelons.

Nancy replied that she too despised the watermelon, but every day she felt compelled to purchase and consume watermelons.

Stacey couldn't quite understand and told Nancy how easy it was to avoid this by not simply not buying watermelons.

"But!" cried Nancy, "It is too hard to avoid, when I read about watermelons in magazines and then hear my friends talking about how great watermelons are!"

"Don't be silly," Stacey tried to reassure Nancy "You can always talk to me, for fear not, I shall never give those silly watermelons praise, and we shall wax lyrical on all manner of other exciting and interesting topics!"

But Stacey could see that the words were lost on Nancy, and that Nancy would probably eat some watermelon that very afternoon. But at least she tried.

--- FIN ---

Today I present a few questions for your consideration:

1) Are we what we do or are we who we are?

If I am a journalist, am I journalism? It's abstract thoughts such as these which keep me from writing anything with any coherance, so apologies for that.

2) Are the capturing of pictures to commemorate an event more important than the actual event which it is commemorating? Sometimes, it seems to me like taking a photograph is more essential than the experience, which seems a shame to me. But then again I guess it's just symptomatic of an obsession with trying to keep mementos of our youth and experiences for when we are old. I just hope that when we are old, we won't just have hundreds of photos capturing something we don't remember doing.

3) Why is it that people are obsessed with Jack the Ripper? Only today I received a magazine featuring a big special on the elusive murderer. If Jack the Ripper had been caught, do you think that people would be so fascinated with him today? Oh and what is with people's fascination with the morbid - if this kind of thing happens today we are horrified, but in 100 years time it turns into entertainment - what's that all about?

And I'd like to end today's blog on a nice philosophy:

*Learn as if you were going to live forever*

Au revoir chums x Click here for today's media blog!

Today, or perhaps it was actually yesterday, I got to thinking about something which has always plagued me. Why is it that scientists who discover planets with ice/water decide that this means that there is definitely the possibility of alien life-forms having existed there?

Now I'm not a science boffin, but someone needs to explain to me what's behind all this. Surely aliens are, alien? Do they need water? Do they need oxygen? Surely basing their needs on our own needs is a bit, well, naive? Or maybe I'm just missing out on something. If you know the answer to this question, then if you could let me know I'd surely be able sleep better. Thanks.

In other news, I know you will all be dying to know that the copy of Elle magazine sold for a whopping great £39 plus £20 p&p, netting me a profit of around £50. Yipee. I knew there was something to be said about sticking with capitalism and throwing out consumerism. I haven't consumed that much this week, but I've still managed to capitalise on someone else's uncontrollable spending desires. Yesss! (This is not a reference to the Austrian phone network, just in case you wondered).

All of that got me thinking about fans. Not the kind that blows air on you when it's a bit hot, but the fanatics. What is about certain individuals, who are, after all, merely human, that would induce an otherwise sane individual to spend a whopping great £39 plus £20 p&p on a magazine, which, lets be honest, is not of the greatest quality and was not altogether different from that which was available in the shops. Having studied theories of fandom with the famous Matt Hills, I should probably know the answer to this, or have some sort of psychological profiling worked out on the kind of person that would do this, but having been over a while since I finished that module, it's more-or-less gone out of my head. That was so worthwhile. In case you were wondering what the picture that illustrates this paragraph is, apparently it's Andy Abrahams and his no.1 fan. Who'd have thought it.

So my last point, in order to live up to the title of this blog is: what would happen if aliens came to Earth? Would they become celebrities and would they gain themselves a new breed of fan - the alien-fan? You might say that people who believe they're already out there, follow crop-circles and love a bit of Roswell are these people. We currently call them deluded or freaks - so what would happen if aliens actually did come to Earth? If you've got any theories on this, let Matt Hills know, he'd probably love to hear from you.

Anywho, I'm off to look for flying saucers and more Madonna fans to sell magazines to.

Ciao for now, fans.


Yesterday the God Squad called round for a bit of a chat before tea-time. Although these were nice God-squadders, no trying to convert me, just a nice chat about why we're here. I wanted to answer because this is where I live, this is my house you lunatics! But they meant in a more deep-and-meaningful, did God-create-us way - I told them I was here by chance. This was one of the options on the nice green sheet they gave me. If only all the answers in life were as simple as that nice green sheet then we'd have a lot less to worry about.

What do I think about Jesus? I said he was a good teacher - although, his stance on punctuation is unknown. If he taught the kids how to use colons and stuff, I'd say he was even better. But that's just something I'll never know I guess.

I've decided I want to travel around, but being poor (and anti-consumerist) I naturally don't want to pay for it, therefore, if anybody wants to pay me to travel around and come up with exciting blogs such as my Hungarian ones, then please let me know. You wouldn't have to pay me much, just expenses naturally. And I think you'll agree, that the blogs will be truly fantastic, and your page will become the biggest read page in the history of the whole entire interweb. Fantastico.

And on that note, for all of you sensible people who like to check out my photo blog, good news kids, it's expanded! Check out the ultra-new shiny and super page here. Again, if anybody wants to pay me to take photos of various cities, then I shall do that for you too - just let me know. I'll be waiting.

I've read today that more people in Britain donate to donkey charities than donate to abuse charities. I'm not sure which category donkey abuse comes under, but I'm guessing the first. I'm not sure what to make of it, I can't say I'm surprised by it. Next time I see that donkey advert though I'm going to shout at the television "you've got enough money, you robbing donkeys!" and see how they like that. I know they won't be able to understand me - donkeys do not have the same cerebral functioning of the average human being, but I will feel like justice is being done. Next time I visit Blackpool, I'll kick a donkey in the shin and steal some money from it, then it will know what it's like to be a victim of abuse in this country! Right on sister!

Why on Earth are McDonald's dressing up their slaves like this. That's right as a "mark of respect" for their staff. How about paying them more than 10p an hour, and in fact telling them that surely there must be better jobs than working in that hell-hole? I bet the kids who work there are just so happy that the boss-men have decided to dress them up like a badly-dressed air-stewardess (jeez that's bad) . That'll make the days shovelling burgers down the throats of the fatties whizz by. Well done.

O, it is excellent
To have a giant's strength; but it is tyrannous
To use it like a giant

Not my words of course, but Shakespeare's. Happy Birth and Death day to him today. The quote is from Measure for Measure, supposedly a comedy, but about as funny as Mr Bean. No, wait that's too harsh. It does have a character called Pompey Bum in it, and that's a joke that just keeps on giving. The words are spoken by a nun. Today's blog theme could almost be nuns, almost. But it won't be. Not today - come back tomorrow instead perhaps. If I was being political today I would argue that that quote resonates quite well with lots of world leaders in the current climate. But I'm not feeling that political, so I'll just carry on laughing at Pompey Bum. Ha ha ha.

Today is St. George's Day. Ah, like so many great English folk, St George was in fact, not English. Tell that to the Daily Express buffoons! Anyway, as more people in fact celebrate Bonfire Night nowadays, I'm hoping my little corner of blog will tell everyone that it's not a crime to celebrate St. George's Day - so get out there and pretend like you care about England and maybe one day you really will. This paragraph doesn't really apply to any of my Welsh fans, so apologies for that.

Anyway, I think I've talked for long enough now, this extra long blog is to make up for the fact that there was a stunning lack of blog-action yesterday - many apologies.

Farewell, I'm off to kick a donkey.



Today I accidentally posted what was meant to be my main blog in my media blog. 

Then I realised that as it was about advertising, it should probably stay there. So head over there (see link on the left) fans for something truly spectacular about Smarties. No, really. 

In other news, that magazine I put on eBay is currently selling for £7.50. The capitalist agenda rages on! 

So here's something for everyone to consider, what is the role of the matriarch in the modern-day soap opera? Should we all aim to be a bit more like Pat Butcher? Or is it Pat Evans? I can never keep up with these name changes. As far as I'm concerned, Dot will always be Dot Cotton. Yes that's right - my dissertation also rages on. There's a lot of raging on today. Although it's nearly finished. I think I will be quite sad. Especially when I get a third for it. Oh well. At least I got to stare out the library twins. My library reign may resume later this week, so watch out! 

That's all for now folks, I'm off to think about doing some work. 

My gift is my song, and this one's for you.

(Also inspired by JB)

You don't need to like carrots to live in my house,
Because when we live there, you can have curry sauce,
And I'll just have carrots.

It's my sincerest hope that
You don't turn into a bulimic after all the curry sauce,
Because looking like John Prescott can't be much fun for anybody,
And that includes John Prescott.

I also hope that by then you will have turned off your invisibility,
So that I will be able to see you standing behind me in the kitchen.
Otherwise I might spill the sangria,
And it might turn the floor slippy, and I might look a dancing penguin,
But without the wicked cool part.

By then the Jelly should be finally ready, so we can enjoy that,
and watch videos of Gerald. Who was livid.

It's nice that there will be a box provided for the magazines, because
You don't want to answer the door in your pants,
And for some reason I have never been in the equasion for answering the door myself.

And you can tell everybody, that this is your song.
Although whether you'll want to judging by it's quality is anybody's guess.


N.B. Normal blogging service resumes next week fans.
N.B.2 - Notice how all my songs don't actually have any music. That's because they are post-modern songs.


Here is a song inspired by the genius that is Johnny Borrell, and a bit of Kate Nash.

Today I didn't get up until quite late,
Which was a bit of a shame.
I didn't really get round to doing much else all day
Which was also a bit of a shame.
I had chilli for my tea, it wasn't that good.
Which was a bit of a shame.

Oh what a shame, shame, shame.

I was supposed to be doing some writing today,

But I didn't get around to it.
That's because I've had a late day.
It's a shame.

Oh what a shame, shame, shame.

Then I went to the shop, but I realised that

I don't like shops,
So I came home again.
I got the keys out of my bag, and used them to open my door.

But when I got in I realised there was lots of washing up to do.

Oh what a shame, shame, shame.

Do you like it?


This blog is a bit short, perhaps because it is unfinished. I'll get back to you later.

I've got no time for people with no time.

Sometimes I think about the past, sometimes I think about the future, sometimes I think about the present. They are all unknown quantities in some form or another.

For a split-second last night I thought there was an intruder, but it turned out to just be me. But the question is - what was I doing in the garden?! What is a split-second? Is it like a split pea? Or a banana split? I am told that in Vienna, chocolate covered bananas are available. What I want to know is, is the chocolate hard or melted.

This one goes out to my avid reader, at least there is one - just so you know, I had pasta for lunch, and not you, but then I think you probably would have noticed that I didn't have you. Oh and thanks for giving me all the cravings today. You blue-meany.

Oh and by the way, my magazine now has 16 watchers and a bid of £1.24. I think if it makes a significant profit, I may have to have a celebratory pizza, until I realise I don't like them.

There's only so much happiness in the world, and they're hogging it. That's not how happiness works. It so is. What's happened to the Muller?! - You probably won't get this unless you happened to be watching the same DVD as me, which is, all in all probablity, highly unrealistic.

Are you gonna go my way?

Some debates I have had today:

#1 - Which is better, capitalism or communism?

#2 - Which is better, central religion or a central

#3 - If a child says something that is factually wrong, should they
be corrected, even if the real fact is beyond their academic

We probably had some more, but I'm finding it hard to recall now.

We also went to the National Museum of Wales today. This gets the thumbs up from me on the Amy-scale of Museum ratings. I am quite the connoisseur now, so the museum should be pleased. After covering the museum strike a couple of weeks ago, I am fully in agreement with their concerns. I especially liked the natural history section of the museum because it had a wooly mammoth that moved, dinosaur skeletons and a large basking shark. All of these scared Jen, which amused me. They didn't have any of the really famous paintings by the impressionists, but they did have all the famous impressionists. In the end, I've decided this is a good thing, because I've seen a lot of the famous paintings in other galleries.

Today I am also scrabbling about the place desperately trying to find things to sell. The problem is, whereas one man's junk is another man's treasure, I think in my case, it's just all junk. In all probablity it needs to be thrown out completely and I should start again. Or perhaps not start again. That would be probably be best. But hey, that's far too idealistic.

I typed in "Elle 2008" in eBay, expecting to find the magazine selling for 50p, but hey, I'm getting desperate here, and was shocked to find the current subscriber's edition featuring Madonna selling for a whopping £32. Within seconds I had added my listing, but mine will probably only fetch 32p. Naturally I will keep you updated on its progress.

*NEWSFLASH* - The previously listed item sold for FORTY-ONE pounds. Would you Adam and Eve it - and I was about to chuck it out.... I'm praying mine fetches the same...

Having said all that, this week I am mostly being anti-consumerist. But just so you know, I'm sticking with capitalism. Go figure.

So ends another blog, I can hear the sigh of relief from here.
Au revoir. x


So here we are back to the daily grind...

On my mammoth journey back to Cardiff yesterday, I came up with my top twelve resolutions for this week...

#1 - Get up at a reasonable hour every day - exceptions can be made if a late night of drinking has been involved...
#2 - Get out and about more. Must not turn in to a house cat. 
#3 - Spend as little money as possible, especially on food. 
#4 - Go somewhere I have never been before. 
#5 - Eat more fruit. 
#6 - Use my time more constructively.
#7 - Finish my dissertation...
#8 - Expand my musical and artistic horizons. 
#9 - Decrease the amount of possessions I have - whether this be through serious bin bag purges, sales on eBay or generous donations to charity. 
#10 - Waste less food/make food last longer.
#11 - Make this blog a little more interesting?
#12 - Start making lists with a rounder amount of points. 
#13 - Clean my room. 

We shall see how long it takes to break all of these resolutions, but so far I have already been forced to get up at a reasonable hour for a lecture, and I have sent a lot of possessions to M&D's - although I do realise that this is technically not the same as getting rid of them, but it's a start. Oh and I'm about to clean my room. 

If anybody else has any suggestions for resolutions, answers on a postcard, although I can't guarantee I'll have  time to read them with the amount of resolutions I've got to stick to. 

Au revoir. xx


Well, it's my last night in Budapest, and that makes it sound like I've been here a while. And even though we've only been here since Friday it feels like a lot longer, which can only be a good thing. I think it's because we've been out and about looking at graves, statues and religious buildings pretty much solidly for three days.

I finally had some Hungarian goulash tonight, yay. In the pub we were in, there was plentiful supply of peanuts, and you just chucked the shells on the floor. There was also hay on the floor. It felt a bit like an oversized guinea pig hutch in some ways, but it was delightful none-the-less. I also had the world's biggest salad, which even after attacking for 30 mins, looked exactly the same. Woo-hoo.

Me and Emma had the same thought when we visited St Stephen's Basilica. It's all very well and good that religion is supposed to help people, but the amount of gold that they use in places is money that could have been spent on so much better causes. Sure it looks impressive to some tourists walking round, but so what?

On a less politicised paragraph, I was most disappointed by St Stephen's mummified hand. You could hardly see it, or get close enough to see it. And the 100 forints some sucker put in to light up did bugger all to help. Rubbish. Next time I see the 1000 year old mummified remains of something I better be able to get my camera on it, or it's just not worth it. I had to have a picture of candles as picture of the day today, boo hiss.

Finally made it onto the top#3 things to do Budapest, that being going on the tram. I can't help but think they'd run out of things to do, so just opted for this, because it's hardly spectacular. Oh well, at least it's quick. We also saw a load of Budapest marathoners today, for about 2 seconds you might have thought you were in London, where that 101 year old and blind dude (who - by the way, fact fans - is from West Bromwich.... woo hoo) were running. But we weren't.
Top Three Things I will miss about Budapest:
#1 - Easy breakfasts - I just can't be bothered back in the UK.
#2 - Power shower.
#3 - Metro - Cardiff Bus and West Midlands travel just doesn't compete.
Top Three Things I won't miss about Budapest:
#1 - Only having the choice of Sky News, CNN and BBC World to watch on television. I don't need to be told 1700 times a day that Britney Spears has been in a car crash.
#2 -Hungarian language - I don't know what the hell anything says.
#3 - Aching legs - It's not really Budapest's fault, but my feet and legs have ached a lot from all the walking around.
Finally, on our last day tomorrow, we're going to Budapest's zoo - they have 200 primates there. If you have read my "about me" section, you'll know why I'm quite excited about this.

So that's all for now, it's back to England tomorrow for a short while, and then back to Wales on Tuesday.

Au revoir. Viszlát. Goodbye. Tschuss. Nos da. (A pentlingual - is that a word - sign off... aren't I super?)

P.S. Welsh people might be angry to know that yesterday when I went to the House of Terror, I showed them my student card to get some discount, and the woman exclaimed "Cardiff University, is that in England?" - and to avoid disturbance I said yes... shocking isn't it, and what with my dissertation as well. I should hang my head in shame. Oh well.
P.P.S - Today sees the launch of my ultra-exciting Media Blog. Check it out at:

Well well well, you lucky lucky people.

Yes, it's me, back again for a special edition live from Budapest! Oh yes!

I'm not going to pretend that this blog is going to be anything special, as after two long days, I'm pretty tired. I'll give you a run-down of what we've been upto though, again, you are so lucky!

Yesterday was a verrrrrrrrrry long day, as we had to get up at 5am (yawn) and get to Luton to board the Wizzair flight - does Wizzair instil much confidence in you? After escaping death on the runway at the destination as it seemed like we might fall off the edge of the planet, we managed to navigate our way to our plush hotel on public transport. Woo hoo for us.

We thought we'd do something nice and happy for our first day here, so we thought why not visit the local graveyard. This turned out to be pretty interesting, and Emma pulled together plans for her mauseleom. Basically; knock down much of Hadley Street build a huge statue and monument to her life and wait for the onlookers to crowd round. We'll see about that.

We also managed to pose with some statues, a theme that has continued today, people might think we're obsessed. Maybe we are.

Continuing with the happy theme this afternoon we visited The House of Terror. Emma made sure she got a t-shirt, though for some reason she didn't want a bust of Lenin or Stalin from the gift shop. I would have thought every home needs one of those. OK maybe not, what a strange souvenir idea.

Just to note, we have visited other attractions other than death sites.

Well I'm sure you're all quite bored by now, so I'll sign off, who knows what exciting things are to come in the next couple of days.

Ciao chums. x


I'm sorry to have to say to all my numerous fans that this blog is taking a break whilst I mosy on over to Budapest.

But hopefully this means that I will have plenty to report upon my return.

My photo blog will also not be updated until Tuesday, but feel free to look at my other photos on the page until then ;-).

You can look forward to more stunning wordplay such as the following extracts from the past week's blog:

"The onion is better than anything we've got to offer in this country now" (9th April)
"I lost my bus-ticket and thought I'd have to pay again, then I found it" (9th April)
"Here is a picture of a cat" (8th April)
"She's got a face I'd like to slap" (7th April)
"The best thing about this is getting to eat a Marks and Spencer's sandwich" (6th April)
"I had a Cornetto" (3rd April).

I think you'll all agree, with phrases like that, you won't be able to wait until this blog returns.

Until then,

Peace be with you. xxx

Rebranding the U.S.A.

It seems like the US is suffering an identity crisis of late. Why is it that all of us think that Americans are fat, lazy and stupid? Could it be due to their figure head? It doesn't inspire much confidence having an oratory buffoon in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth.
But the fact of the matter is - and it really does pain me to say this - Americans are cleverer than we give them credit for. You only have to look at something like the Onion News Network to realise that they are capable of satire, irony and wit, something they've long been accused of lacking compared with us, their transatlantic cousins.

In fact the Onion is better than anything similar we've got to offer in this country now. In 1994, Chris Morris brought us The Day Today, it was fantastic, truly, but that was fourteen long years ago. We need something new. OK, so it was followed up by the truly stunning and controversial Brass Eye - check out the paedophile special for a real treat - but again, and I'm aware that it's symptomatic of our society, but it's not new is it, I know we have an insatiable desire for the new, and it probably is a bad thing, but you know, it's not right that the yanks are beating us at this.
Now the fat issue, well that probably has some truth. But the thing is as we here are getting more and more Americanised, it can't be long before we're keeping with the best of them from the Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer show. One thing I've always wondered though - how does this happen? Is there no mid-point in these people's lives. Now we've all been there, we think, one too many French Fancies tonight, better cut back a bit. But most of us aren't 20, 30, 40, or even 50 stone. I fail to comprehend how someone who is 25 stone doesn't stop to think, I'm getting big now? Am I cynic? Probably, but at least I'm not 25 stone...

Let's hope the yanks will do themselves proud and actually vote somebody unconventional in to the White House. If the Democrats win, either of their current candidates will be a first. And it will be interesting fact. But the thing with Obama is, he's still a man isn't he? Doesn't matter what colour he is at the end of the day, he's not a woman. Give Hillary a chance I say, after all, she's older than Barrack, he can have a crack next time. Check me out. I'm giving advice on the Presidential elections. If only I was in charge, this world would be so much simpler. Perhaps if the Democrats do win, they'll get the much needed rebranding they need to acheive a global position that is not relegated to jester of the world. Then again, given how powerful it is, maybe it's the rest-of-the-world's way of keeping it in it's place (just a little bit).
And for those of you dying to know what's been happening in my personal life today, here's some updates.

I have a new sympathy for street-stoppers after last week's experience on the Echo, but I'm worried this means I'm going to sign up for endless amounts of charities and/or cults.

I lost my bus-ticket and thought I'd have to pay again, then I found it. After queueing for 30 minutes just to get some Forints today, this made my afternoon - I am very sad. Just for Martyn, here is a picture of the ticket. I know he will appreciate it.

And in honour of the theme today, a great American President once said "there is nothing to fear but fear itself". Well I'm not as clever as him so I'll just say "there is nothing to fear except giant flesh eating zombies, because fear of them is fully justified."
Until next time kids...Adios Amigos. xxx

So the famous Peace sign is fifty this year. I don't know about you, but I always assumed that the sign was many centuries old and had been adopted for such a purpose. I've chosen this picture > because it's taken in Budapest, and I'm going there on Friday. Wouldn't it be nice if the people of Budapest made a symbol like this for my arrival... I doubt they will though. Which is a shame.

In other news from the past week, mobile phones are to be allowed on European flights. I for one think this is a shame. Although I'm a self-confessed phone junkie, and go into panic mode when I can't find it for longer than ten seconds, flights surely has to the be one of the last haven from those annoying types who have a problem with personal space and feel the need to share their lives with everyone else. There's also something quite nice about being completely unreachable for a few hours. Anyway, whenever I do leave my phone somewhere, when I'm reunited with it I'm always disappointed to find I've had no missed calls, no missed texts, no anything. I'm always secretly hoping that the world will have been desperate to contact me and I will have had fifteen seperate declarations of undying love. Dream on.

Glastonbury's not sold out this year, when previously it's taken just 90 minutes. Pundits are blaming 'festival fatigue' and predicted bad weather. I don't understand that one, despite last year's wash out, everybody on the television seemed to be loving it. Mind you, they're not likely to show someone looking cold, miserable, wet, desperate for a shower and grumpy about it too. That would most definitely be me. I've always liked the idea of festivals, but always found them somewhat hard to get on with. Especially Glastonbury, I just couldn't handle the mud.

I happened to hear for the millionth time today 'Rock Star' by Nickelback and I was reminded of the same thought that I've held since I first heard it on the radio. Why do they block out the word 'drug' but not the phrase 'we'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat'? Surely the kids aren't going to hear the word 'drug' and rush off to their local dealer to get some crack? And surely eating disorders are just as bad as drug habits anyway? Answers on postcard please.

And my final thought today goes out to Martyn and his cat. I hope they are having a very lovely day, and have another one tomorrow. Here is a picture of the cat for you all to enjoy.

So until the next time,

Give peace a chance. x

Because I rarely have ideas of my own, I have stolen this one from Matt.

It is a list of my top 5 worst songs ever. To view Matt's list click here.

1. Flying Without Wings - Westlife because it got to number one it inspired them to keep going and keep releasing more songs. This is a waste of ear-space on anybody with half a gene of musical taste. Most things I can see a merit of. This filth I cannot.

2. Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams: despite nobody who's probably ever listened to this being alive during 1969 or having any idea of the fun-loving hedonistic times of 1969, it seems to inspire all drunken students to declare 'tune' despite the fact that clearly it isn't.

3. Any of the output from Cascada - or as Edith Bowman referred to earlier as Chavcada. Listened to by pissed up twats and chavs, Cascada seems to just moan about not having a boyfriend or similar things like that. It doesn't match with the shit upbeat nature of the song. Oh and she's got a face I'd like to slap. Cheer Up Love.

4. Let It Be - The Beatles: because I wholeheartedly agree with Matt's sentiments on this one. It's shocking that after a whole host of excellent songs, this pile of shit should be allowed to be included in their repertoire. It does sound like a hymn, and being as I have spent my life avoiding Churches for good reason I don't need this crap forcing it upon me.

5. Anything from those Hardcore dance albums. Because I can't figure out why anybody would possibly want to listen to this crap in their house, when presumably they only didn't mind listening to it because they were so pissed/drugged up they had lost function in their ears. Anybody that buys these CDs for enjoyment pleasure should be rounded up and shot at dawn. It's the kindest thing really.

Well, anybody who's got any suggestions, please send them in and perhaps with enough power behind us we can banish these songs by raiding HMV and snapping in half any of the CDs that appear with them on. Computer geeks get working on a very specific virus to wipe out the mp3 versions. The rebel alliance shall rid the world of this filth. Oh and anyone who disagrees with me - wonderful. I'd love to meet you.

And as Matt says, the following ending is soaked in a post-modern realisation at the lack of purposeful writing influences and causes, it's suitably minimalist, but also refreshingly defeatest in the time of overkill:

I can't think of a good way to end today's blog.

So, npower have been revealed for using underhand tactics to sign up clients when doorstepping. It certainly strikes a chord with me, as I was nearly recruited by one of these types of companies myself.

I managed to get through to the "second round" of interviews (despite not having any clue as to the actual job title or description) and was whisked away to sunny Slough in the car of a chap I had never met before to help a woman sell Talk Talk to the unemployed.

She wasn't successful in even getting in anyone's house let alone signing anyone up. She seemed quite nice, but then again I had revealed I was a journalism student, so perhaps she was wary that I was going to do a massive expose. She did tell me however that the policy was not to sign up anybody over 70, so any old folks that answered the door she had to think of a polite way to say no thanks love, we've got a reputation to think of.

This blogging lark is turning out to be quite fun. I never expected to be posting every day. Mind you it is only day five. Give it five weeks and then see how often I'm posting. Maybe the ideas will have run out by then.

Me and Jen were going to go to the park today but it was too cold and even started snowing, so we gave up, came home, ate crisps, bitched and watched the Top 20 Boybands on The Hits. Take That won but there was no mention of A1 or 911. Truly a travesty.

I watched Doctor Who last night, but it was pretty much lacking in nationalism and patriotism, so that was a big disappointment. It was however full of weird looking things made out of human fat. Now that's odd. Oh and Billie Piper. Odder.

I was very disappointed yesterday because West Brom didn't make the FA Cup final. Only because I'd declared in the Echo that I wanted them to win. I don't want to be spotted in the street and laughed at. That's the ugly side of fame. At least Cardiff won today, so half of my wish came true. All I can say is I'm glad I was safely tucked inside and not out there with the scary fans. Those Cardiff ones have got some reputation.

So it's back to England tomorrow. Exciting times. I won't deny the best thing about this is getting to eat a Marks & Spencers sandwich on the train home. The worst part ... not being 1 minute away from the Co-Op, that's got to put a dampener on anyone's day. Still, got Budapest to look forward to on Friday. I am country hopping like mad this week. At least photo of the day might be slightly interesting.

Anyway, I'll let you get back to doing something more interesting.

Ciao for now.


Well well well.

What a cool night last night - I think it's obvious the music is gonna be up to standard when they're playing the Rolling Stones when you get in! By the time I crashed in I'd been up for 21 hours! But I wasn't even tired. Fabulous.

It was the last day at the Echo yesterday - even though I'd only been there for the grand total of 4 days it felt almost like I'd worked there for months. Now I'm sad to leave it. Aw. Having said that, it's a sobering thought seeing my face in the paper this morning. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. I have to agree with Hannah's sentiments that if anyone ever mentions the word Hot Topic to me again you won't see me for dust! Making us do 11 yesterday - now that was just cruel!

No reverse chicken nuggets last night either, so that is always a bonus I find! Although I'm slightly worried because I found the fork from my takeaway in my bed this morning. I wonder what it was doing in there.

Anyway - more serious matters. Is new media killing journalism? There's a question. I think the answer is not really - but that's not very definite. Should we be more definite? I don't know...

Another topic for your delectation - what is the role of children in war torn environments?

Don't worry I'm not becoming all pious and thought provoking... it's for some competitions I'm contemplating enterings... although at this precise moment all I want to do is slob out on the living room floor. But hey ho. What can you really do?

So Doctor Who's back tonight - i think we know certain JOMEC lecturers will be loving that. I for one will be watching to look out for signs of nationalism and patriotism. After all the Doctor seems to owe his allegiance to the Brits despite being an alien. I wonder what the Daily Express would have to say on that conundrum. One of Britain's biggest icons - not even British. But then hey, what's new?

What I really need now is a flux capacitor. I think that would help with several conundrums I am now facing.
1. I have not finished my draft dissertation. Oh dear. That's not good.
2. I want to go back to simpler times.
3. I would not have spent so much money on books, DVDs or clothes.
4. I would have remembered to check who won the Boat Race.
and 5. I would have thought about writing this better so I would have had a better number five.

But then as we all know, I say have no regrets. I mean I have about a million regrets, but yeah. Don't have any!

Some things for you to contemplate:
1. Is Doctor Who British?
2. To what use would you put a flux capacitor?
3. What do people mean they refer to 'simpler times'?
4. Why is pink so frequently associated with girls?
and 5. Is there anything better than walking into a club and hearing Brown Sugar?


And that's all from me today. So until next time.

Peace and love xxxx


Well what a fabulous day. Not only was the weather glorious all day long, but it was generally a nice day all round.

This morning me and Hannah got down to the museum to cover today's hot story, the strike. Oh yesss folks this is the journalism I signed up for! Woo-hoo. In all seriousness, we got a by-line out of it so it turned out to be pretty exciting. Although I'm not sure the people in the paper shop saw it that way when we started squealing because we saw our names.

Not only this but doing our vox pops only took about 30 mins today, compared with the 3 hours it's taken before. We must be getting good at this.

Then the best news of course, I got accepted onto the postgrad. I think it's obvious what's happened, they've heard through the grapevine about this blog and thought it would be a crime to waste such obvious writing talent and they've had to snap me up! Woo-hoo.

So that was a good day all round. Oh and I had a Cornetto. A strawberry one.

Peace out.


OK, so I think the big news for today is that there is a collection of paintings inspired by Welsh quilts coming to the Rhondda. That's right you heard it here first.

Next up in journalism scoop of the year, we have have been sent on a mission to cover a strike at the museum. I'm expecting the Pulitzer won't be far behind!

Today I caused a bit of a debate in the Bible shop. Considering I'm an atheist I think this is pretty good going. This was nothing to do with my non-belief, it was of course over plans which have been rejected by the Church in Wales to let women be bishops. ( Whilst one guy in the shop argued that women had no right to be in authority over men, another suggested that all people were created equal and God is neither male or female. Right on. They're probably still discussing it now. I wonder if they sell many Bibles in their shop or just spend all day discussing such matters. Anywho - for more info on that check out the Viewpoint section of the Echo tomorrow - I know you'll all be rushing to get it!

And in other news, some guy from Bangor has designed a new set of coins released by the Royal Mint today. It just doesn't get any more exciting that.

Ciao chums.


OK, so apparently it's a good idea for a writer to actually write things. How quaint. What's next? A doctor that actually doctors? Well I never.

Anyway, as this is the first "blog", it's bound to not be very good, but then that's life I suppose.

Supposedly we should steer clear of telling people what we had for breakfast on these kind of things, but what if what we had for breakfast was extraordinarily interesting, for instance, what if one had consumed a paving slab, I would find that interesting. Maybe that's just me.

I suppose in times to come I may use this to reflect upon the news of the day, so let me think, is there anything I'd like to comment on for today.... Hmmm... it's interesting all this business about the immigrants, its as if somebody up there thought I know, we need a nice headline for the Express and for its readers to be validated in jumping up and down and shouting, "I told you they were all a waste of time." I hope they're happy.

My "photo blog" continues... if you are bored one day and think, I know let's check out what Amy's been doing today, you now have a variety of outlets in which to do so - you lucky lucky people. There is of course here, and for visual fun and delight my flickr page at... That's the album "photo of the year..." if you're even more bored, check out the reject album... woo hoo!

Anyway, I'm guessing I should probably go and do something a bit more constructive so there is is something more interesting to write in this time.....

Ciao for now Amigos. Peace and love.

P.S. - What kind of maniac would write their blog in the font "Webdings"? - Discuss.

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