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As of approximately 1pm yesterday, cry freedom could be heard ringing through the Bute building as I, after a long an arduous night was finally free of my degree.

And how does it feel? Am I running through the streets yelling praise be and jumping up and down with glee? Well, no not really.
I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. As a carthartic release, I decided to immediately list all of my no-longer needed textbooks on eBay in the hope of raising a few quid. Now they're all sitting, rather sullenly in a box, packed up ready to go when and if somebody else wants them.

I should use this time to read all the books, watch all the films and listen to all the music that I ever wanted to do but didn't quite have the time, because I was busy doing work. I should make this blog the most fantastic blog you have ever read, I should tidy my bedroom, have a big clearout and just generally do fantastic things.

But the mountain of books I want to read just keeps growing, and it would be impossible read them all. I might have a go at watching The Shawshank Redemption though.

Then there's the job I should find, I will look for one, I promise, I need one.

I thought I'd have a few days off, not doing much to celebrate the fact that I don't actually have to do much, but I'm not sure it really works like that. I'm already thinking "shouldn't I be doing something?"
Oh well.

As you can tell, because I haven't been blogging for a while, the quality has gone down. Well I've got no excuses now, hopefully there will be better ones to come.

That's all for now, I'm off to read every book ever written.

Peace out x


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