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During my existential crises over the past few days I've been doing some more thinking. I'm going to need a lie down after all this. I don't think I can handle it that well. More to the point where is it all coming from? Scary stuff.

Anyway for your delectation, here are some of the debates we had last night at the poor poor quiz (bad loser alert). But hey, what's the point of a quiz where you could get all the answers right and still manage to lose - pointless. Just play bingo instead. Bah. Humbug.

Debate #1 - Is it easier to argue about politics than about religion. Does religion ultimately seem a bit too personal? Whereas politics you can take a more standoffish POV, see the other's, and perhaps just agree to disagree. Doesn't seem to be the case with religion so much. You run the risk of hurting people's feelings and that's just not very nice is it? Oh well. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Jesus loves us all, I had a leaflet about it today so it must be true.

#2 - The importance of media education - and am I too cynical? Does Rupert Murdoch want to control us all? Is it all one big marketing lie to get us to buy things we don't need that will eventulaly kill us all? It's important we all learn about these evils so we can fight. But what are these evils? Hmmm... perhaps too cynical.

#3 - Sex and the City - is it feminist or anti-feminist? See my media blog for more full thoughts on this.

#4 - Lastly - and this was more of a debate with myself. Why the sudden desire to learn more and consume more knowledge? Is it because of this blog? Is it a cycle, the blog means you need more to write about, so you start reading more, start thinking more, then the thinking makes you blog and so the circle is complete? I like circles. I suppose then anything that gets you thinking is good really, hmm. But then too much thinking and your brain explodes, and nobody wants that.

Well that's all for now. My head hurts. And so does yours by now probably after this week, so here's a nice picture of a butterfly to take away all that pain. I like to think about rainbows, when it gets bad. You got to think about something to keep from going mad. (Thanks Gwen).

I'm off to try not to think. Don't think about purple elephants.

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