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'Look at the world around you and try to see and understand as much you can' Paulo Coelho

I spent the day at the lake today, and I thought that perhaps the lovely surroundings might inspire a fantastic blog, but I think I might be wrong about that one. I took my notepad and paper with me, but for some reason it does not inspire me as much as the keyboard seems to. Maybe that's because the computer gives a sense of urgency that somebody might actually be reading this, whereas there, in the brilliant sunshine the thought of who might be reading this couldn't have been further from my mind. Or was it? It can't be that far or I wouldn't have brought my notebook with me.

There's another point while I think about it - why have I started this notebook from the back? Could this be an anti-establishement statement against the years of oppression which forced us for centuries to start writing from the front?! Or am I just backward?

Going back to an earlier blog about resolutions, I think I am keeping them up fairly well, although point no. 11, about making this blog more interesting isn't really for me to judge.

I'd been waiting to get to the lake since Saturday, and I can tell you it was worth the wait. But then I didn't want to leave. Why did I have to leave? Probably sleeping there wouldn't have had the same lure as being there in the mid afternoon sun. Maybe I would have been pecked to death by ducks who are used to having the park back as their own territory come sunset. That's not something I'm willing to find out in the near future, so I'll have to settle for going back tomorrow if it's sunny and I've actually done some work.

I took lots of photos for photos of the day, the trouble is this leaves me with a dilemma over which one to choose. I decided to be greedy and make a whole album for it instead. When trying to capture the sunlight sparkling off the water my camera just wasn't up to the task. Rather than be sad about this, I've decided to see it as positive, as something special. Photo of the day has made me want to get out more, a subsidiary effect of the project, but a welcome one none-the-less. Not that I didn't want to get out more before, but as it's as if I needed the push.

Another thing I have noticed today is that sunglasses make people look like they're staring at you, when in all probablity they're not.

Well on reflection this is a bit of a mammoth blog, so I should probably let you get back to doing something more interesting. If you want to see exciting photos to accompany today's blog then please visit the photo link to the left.

Cheerio chums. x


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