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First of all, I would like to apologise to my many readers for the severe lack of blogging action yesterday. I hope none of you cried yourself to sleep last night over it.

After consuming a bucket-load of food last night in the Mexican, we all declared that we would not be eating again for a very long time. This was soon forgotten upon production of 49p 12 assorted snack collection. (I'm not allowed to use trademarks to name them because that is wrong!). I had "cheese puffs" and Hannah had "salt and vinegar crunchy sticks".

So Bo Jo is in and Ken's out. This really is a testament to what London will do in the name of a comedy haircut. Bravo. Quote of the month (perhaps even year) belongs to Alan as he declared his disgust that the London Mayor wasn't doing enough for the rest of the UK! Right on! I bet Tony Blair is loving all this. Time named him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world this week, however Gordon was missing, it's not been a good week since him. Or as Brian Blessed, the all knowing one put it "this week was Gordon Brown's worst week as Prime Minister, since last week". I am stealing other people's words because I can't find my own. I hope you all enjoy the lovely images of Boris provided here, I know I did.

As it's only 4 years to go until the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I thought I'd start another question, along the same line as the Jack the Ripper question - why are people still so fascinated by it 100 years on? You have four whole years to think about this, and get back to me, on which day I shall do a special Titanic themed blog - tune in for that!

Loose Women annoyed me yesterday by harping on about the British weather. Yet today I am slightly miffed that it is not sunny, I am nothing if not hypocritical.

Me and Hannah got to chatting about Death last night. I'm not sure why I capitalised the word 'death' there, we weren't having a chat about the grim reaper. I've decided that quite simply I'm not going to die. Easy when you think about it really.

Well that's it for now, you never know, if you're really especially lucky I might do another blog later on and today will be a blogging extravaganza. Maybe I shouldn't have said that because you'll get your hopes up. Oh well, that's me for you.
Ciao chums x


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