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Even though yesterday was officially the hand in date for the dreaded dissertation, I could still talk about national identity until the cows come home.

I found myself in a pub with two Welshmen and an English woman (and myself of course - it would have been hard to leave myself behind really - I've tried it before, very messy business). I'm not quite sure how it happened but we got onto the subject of national identity, as it turns out the Welshmen have nothing against us individually, but more like as a whole nation.

The ladies explained that its nothing personal really, it's just a collective cultural ability to dismiss the other nations, probably as a result of an Anglocentric media or something. It was quite a heavy discussion after several rounds of drinking and I'm sure it was past midnight. I think that's pretty impressive. Then again, maybe it was impressive because of the drinking, not in spite of it. Perhaps the conversation actually went something like this:

Person A: What about this er, er, Welsh/English thing then?

Person B: Yeh. Damn it. God damn it.

Person A: Yeah, totally. You're so right. Why didn't I think of that. Nothing personal. HSIHKJFHSKJDGHKJFG. Definitely. Culdkjshftual diffs and that.

Person B: I lovvvve you. I bloody do. We're all British aren't we? Errrrrrrrrrr................ [something incomprehensible]

Person A: Not really.

Person B: OK, but I still bloody love you.

Person C: You know what I think? No no, it's gone. But I bet it was an excellent point. I bet it really was.

Person D: Whose round is it?

It's just another one of those things we'll never know I'm guessing - unless someone in the pub has a recording of it?

Let me know, I'm off to consider what the hell a media event is.



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