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It’s one of the biggest clichés of modern times. To be a woman is to have a passion for fashion. Or at least a passing interest.

To some this is completely normal and only what is to be expected from the girlies. However in a post-feminist era, some sectors of the female population (namely me) have been feeling guilty for embracing such obvious feminine qualities.

To be interested in fashion acknowledges the fact that appearance matters. We are constantly sold the contradiction that it’s what’s deep down that matters, while at the same time making sure we are a slave to the fashion industry.

How is anyone supposed to make sense of such double standards? Not only is the acknowledgement that appearance matters present, but there’s also the startling fact that an interest in fashion suggests that it is important. Aren’t we supposed to be more involved in weightier matters such as politics, economics and whatever passes for real news today?

And hence, we have the guilt. We shouldn’t be interested in fashion, because it’s shallow, because it’s cliché, and at the end of the day it’s a triviality that doesn’t matter. Then again, maybe it does. Maybe it’s a welcome distraction from all the rest of the nonsense that goes on. It’s nice to look at pretty pictures of pretty clothes. Nice patterns. Nice colours. Nice nice nice.

To delve into more seriousness and still keep up the clothes quota, think about the history of the fashion. The rise and fall of hemlines to reflect economic prosperity (or lack of). The corset, the (entirely fabricated) bra-burning incident. The freedom of the flapper girls. And so on ad infinitum. I could probably add more to this, but I’ll admit I often get distracted by the pretty pictures and so don’t read up too much on the details, but you can. If you like.

So in the post-feminist world, don’t worry if you like fashion. If you also demonstrate your intelligence through other arenas, I think you can just about get away with it. That’s what feminism should be about anyway – the freedom to be how you want to be and not be judged for it.
So I say, like fashion, or, don’t like fashion. Your choice, my choice, everyone’s choice.

The funny thing is, I don’t even like shopping.

I finally finished my CD which epitomises my music taste (or does it epitomise me - not quite sure about that one). A lot of songs had to face the chop, and making the final 25 was hard, so if you're one of those songs - congratulations. Check out my abstract greetings to a song?!

Well, for those of you eager to know, these are the songs that made the final cut, along with an explanation as to why they're there - enjoy! Any of my special fans who would like a copy of the CD - please let me know! :)

1. Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby – Dinah Washington (1956)
I suppose one of the main reasons why I love this song is because it shows a blatant disregard for grammar, and that’s something I strive for in my everyday life.

2. Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis (1957)
It’s very lively, and along with the next song, it symbolises the big changes that were coming.

3. Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry (1958)
Because I’m not sure the rest of the songs on this CD would exist without it.

4. Cheek to Cheek – Frank Sinatra (1959)
Because knowing this had made it on to the list would make my Dad happy, and that’s nice.

5. Stand By Me – Ben E. King (1961)
This was no. 1 on my birthday. I was not born in 1961. I was of course born in 1853; I think you will agree I look remarkably good for my age. I look 120 at most.

6. Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles (1961)

I’ve always found it a bit of a shock when that woman comes in with “Don’t care if you do!!”.

7. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself – Dusty Springfield (1964)
I did think about putting “Son of a Preacher Man” on, but I thought that although brilliant, it’s a bit cliché and everyone’s probably heard it a million times. Nobody wants to hear a song a million and one times, look what happened to Peter Andre. This song was covered by The White Stripes, and I like them a bit too. Multi-faceted.

8. My Generation – The Who (1965)
This was a fairly late admission to the CD, and it is here because with it, this section of the CD basically encompasses the Sixties, and that ain’t no bad thing. We all know I should have been around in the Sixties and not now.

9. You Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes (1966)
This is here in spite of Phil Collins bastardizing it in the Eighties. Despite his attempts to ruin it for all music lovers, it stays on the list because it’s a nice message of hope for everyone. One day when I get the band together, I think we’ll release this first. I also like the tune, and the sound of Diana Ross’ voice.

10. Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks (1967)
Because I like to imagine Terry and Julie wandering about. I wonder what they’re doing now. I like the backing vocals on this because they are a bit ethereal. And what a lyric “chilly chilly is evening time.” They don’t write them like that anymore do they? Oh and isn’t paradise a nice word?

11. Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite – The Beatles (1967)
Choosing a Beatles track is, for me, like choosing my favourite crisp product. That’s right, nigh on impossible. But I chose this one because it’s an album track, so there’s a chance not everyone has heard it. This song has an interesting back history, and is actually based on a real circus. Henry the Horse dances the Waltz – a classic line. I must admit I do sometimes get a bit scared by the surreal sounding circus music, but in the end I think you should always be slightly scared by your music choices.

12. Ride A White Swan – T-Rex (1970)
Because this is just the beginning, and I think it epitomises the seventies. And it’s not I Love to Boogie, which some people think is the only T-Rex song.

13. Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones (1971)
Another hard choice. I went for Brown Sugar because it was from the seventies, and I wanted a nice representation of the seventies. I think their sixties stuff is a bit too similar to the Beatles.

14. Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie (1972)
I will admit this one made it on to the CD because of the track length fitting perfectly, and it’s not ‘Let’s Dance’ which is quite frankly an abomination. Also, as an afterthought I like the words ‘star’ and ‘dust’.

15. Superstition – Stevie Wonder (1972)
This was the only song that was a definite from the word go. Something about this song just makes it simply stunning. I think it’s the guitar sound.

16. Heart of Glass – Blondie (1978)
I like Blondie, but I have to admit the main reason I chose this is because it’s my top scoring song on SingStar. I think I was particularly good on the “ooooooooooh oh oh oh”. Plus Blondie is pretty hot in the video – I’d have certainly given her a go. Another good one to represent the Seventies as well.

17. Lucky Star – Madonna (1984)
There are numerous reasons why this song got chosen. Obviously we have the star references again, but also the sound at the start that continues in to the background of the song is just divine. Also, check out the groovy dancing in the video, it’s awe-inspiring.

18. Raspberry Beret – Prince (1985)
Need I say much more than ‘She walked in through the out door’? In special homage to this song, I walked out through the in door of the library. WILD.

19. Song For Whoever – The Beautiful South (1989)
Another lyrically inspired choice – ‘I love you from the bottom of my pencil case’ is one of my all time favourite lyrics. I also like the acknowledgement that songs are written to make money. Nice.

20. Married With Children – Oasis (1994)
A good one if you find someone a bit annoying, as the lyrics fit very well to that situation (mentioning no names, obviously). I like how it’s quite jolly sounding despite containing much vitriol. I do of course like the more popular songs of Oasis as well, but as previously mentioned nobody wants to hear a song a million and one times. I used to watch Married With Children quite a lot; maybe it reminds me of that a bit as well.

21. Country House – Blur (1995)
I suppose I really wanted to encapsulate the nineties without the need for all the ridiculously cheesy pop that now sounds terrible, and this for me does it. The lyric ‘I’m a professional cynic, but my heart’s not in it’ helps too. Oh and the reference to Oasis. Nice work.

22. The Bartender and the Thief – Stereophonics (1998)
This is another one which tells a story, and I like songs that do that. Also it has some nice manly foot-stomping about it. Plus, something Welsh has got to be on here somewhere.

23. Hella Good – No Doubt (2001)
Partly because I always think that Billie Jean is about to start and partly because of the awesome bass-line. Plus this was made in a simpler time when Gwen didn’t go about yodelling like a banshee.

24. Toxic – Britney Spears (2004)
Brilliance. Or... as a guest contributor says...
“A song of such magnitude is unfortunately overlooked in these judgemental days of demonization of anything considered "pop"”
Another song that was made in much simpler times. I generally also like words with x in because they make a nice sound when you say them.

25. Once More With Feeling – Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly. (2006)
This song just reminds me of my years at University. I’ll probably hear this in ten years time and still think of Uni. Ten years time is a subject of hot debate, I’m always thinking about what’s going to happen in ten years time. Also I saw him in Bridgend, and that’s gotta deserve a special mention anyway.

Regular fans of this blog may have noticed it's gone a bit quiet lately.

Some of you might be deluded enough to think this is because I've been out having a life, or perhaps doing some work. Well you'd be mighty wrong.

I think after essay time last week, I lost the spirit to write, coupled with the fact I was only reading literature based on media events and so on, wasn't condusive to a great blogging atmosphere. But I'm going to come back, and this time with a vengeance - just as soon as I can, I promise.

Me and Jen have promised to make a CD previewing our music tastes, it has to fit on to one audio CD - I don't know how to cram my 9 days worth of music into 80 minutes, I'm not quite it's possible. I've been faced with quite a few possible conundrums - what if I pick a song that I like, but I don't like the rest of the artist's catalogue - does this suggest that I do? Plus, today's choice could be very different from yesterday's choice, and a million times different from tomorrow's. I don't think it can ever truly be narrowed down.

Secondly, I'd like to make this blog more interactive. If anyone has a good topic for me to write about, please let me know by commenting on this blog, or by just emailing me or phoning me, I promise I do want to speak to you as well, I love you all.

So give me coffee and TV, I'm off to read something for inspiration.

Peace out. x

As of approximately 1pm yesterday, cry freedom could be heard ringing through the Bute building as I, after a long an arduous night was finally free of my degree.

And how does it feel? Am I running through the streets yelling praise be and jumping up and down with glee? Well, no not really.
I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. As a carthartic release, I decided to immediately list all of my no-longer needed textbooks on eBay in the hope of raising a few quid. Now they're all sitting, rather sullenly in a box, packed up ready to go when and if somebody else wants them.

I should use this time to read all the books, watch all the films and listen to all the music that I ever wanted to do but didn't quite have the time, because I was busy doing work. I should make this blog the most fantastic blog you have ever read, I should tidy my bedroom, have a big clearout and just generally do fantastic things.

But the mountain of books I want to read just keeps growing, and it would be impossible read them all. I might have a go at watching The Shawshank Redemption though.

Then there's the job I should find, I will look for one, I promise, I need one.

I thought I'd have a few days off, not doing much to celebrate the fact that I don't actually have to do much, but I'm not sure it really works like that. I'm already thinking "shouldn't I be doing something?"
Oh well.

As you can tell, because I haven't been blogging for a while, the quality has gone down. Well I've got no excuses now, hopefully there will be better ones to come.

That's all for now, I'm off to read every book ever written.

Peace out x

Because nobody sees the show until my heart says so, check out Matthew's blog, because today's post is the bestest one I have ever had the pleasure to read.

Let's go, Eskimo. (Matt's Blog)

Just to let all my fans knows that I have not died, contracted malaria or taken a leave of absence and disappeared off to France. I have in fact been stuck in the crazy world of essay writing. It's a biggie, and it's the last one. Probably the reason why I've managed to stretch it out for so long.
Anyway, I have to use all my creative energy to make that semi-readable so I'm afraid the blog has taken a back seat for a while. But NEVER FEAR! I have been doing other readings and such like, and as of Wednesday/Thursday, normal blogging service resumes.
Until then, here's small philosophy problem for you:
Does this blog only come into existence when you load it onto your browser? Discuss.
Until the next time, ciao chums. xxx

You could always do a blog called "Emma is Brilliant" - I won't mind.

So here it is. Emma helped me yesterday, she likes to look after me because she is a good sister. It's nice to have a good sister.

Here she is in Budapest, doing well not to look like a maniac (her words not mine).

So everybody say hooray for Emma because she is a nice lady.


During my existential crises over the past few days I've been doing some more thinking. I'm going to need a lie down after all this. I don't think I can handle it that well. More to the point where is it all coming from? Scary stuff.

Anyway for your delectation, here are some of the debates we had last night at the poor poor quiz (bad loser alert). But hey, what's the point of a quiz where you could get all the answers right and still manage to lose - pointless. Just play bingo instead. Bah. Humbug.

Debate #1 - Is it easier to argue about politics than about religion. Does religion ultimately seem a bit too personal? Whereas politics you can take a more standoffish POV, see the other's, and perhaps just agree to disagree. Doesn't seem to be the case with religion so much. You run the risk of hurting people's feelings and that's just not very nice is it? Oh well. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Jesus loves us all, I had a leaflet about it today so it must be true.

#2 - The importance of media education - and am I too cynical? Does Rupert Murdoch want to control us all? Is it all one big marketing lie to get us to buy things we don't need that will eventulaly kill us all? It's important we all learn about these evils so we can fight. But what are these evils? Hmmm... perhaps too cynical.

#3 - Sex and the City - is it feminist or anti-feminist? See my media blog for more full thoughts on this.

#4 - Lastly - and this was more of a debate with myself. Why the sudden desire to learn more and consume more knowledge? Is it because of this blog? Is it a cycle, the blog means you need more to write about, so you start reading more, start thinking more, then the thinking makes you blog and so the circle is complete? I like circles. I suppose then anything that gets you thinking is good really, hmm. But then too much thinking and your brain explodes, and nobody wants that.

Well that's all for now. My head hurts. And so does yours by now probably after this week, so here's a nice picture of a butterfly to take away all that pain. I like to think about rainbows, when it gets bad. You got to think about something to keep from going mad. (Thanks Gwen).

I'm off to try not to think. Don't think about purple elephants.


It is quite frankly simply amazing the ping-pinging that your brain can do. Jumping from one topic to another with the greatest of ease, and picking up on the subject that was three topics previously.

Today was a day for much thinking, hopefully I won't turn into Rodin's statue with all this thinking because I can't imagine that would be much fun.

Nancy and Stacey make their return today. Nancy revealed something about Stacey to an nearby listener and Stacey didn't think this was very nice. Stacey wished that she could storm out, but then she realised that wasn't in her nature. Stacey thinks that the green-eyed monster is still lurking in the air, but can do nothing to confirm this. Stacey doesn't like this but needs to move on.

The next ping on the stop after the digressions of Nancy and Stacey's morning play was the subject of destiny and fate. I can never remember why I wanted to come to Cardiff in the first place, but I'm certainly glad I did. I would not have done my dissertation if I'd have gone to Leeds or London, probably never even given it a second thought. I would not have been to Roath Park and seen the ducks. I would not know the people who I know, I would not know Nancy, or for that matter, Stacey. Stacey would not exist, perhaps Tracey would. It's something I will never know, and something I don't think I want to know. What made me pick Cardiff? Was it fate, destiny, coincidence or something else? Woah... too much thinking. I better stop before my brain explodes. What a mess.

After we depart from this station, we got to questioning whether if you were being written about would you realise?. Assuming pseudonyms and abstract situations are used, would we ever be aware. Certain parties in this conversation seemed to think so, but I would like to credit them with more cerebral functioning than other people. Maybe it's just because they know that it happens that they know. Who knows? Certainly not me that's for sure. You're so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you.

The next stop on the list was time travel and alternate dimensions. Now this is the seriously heavy duty stuff. Physics and all sorts. I said that I didn't think time travel was possible because if it was then people from the past would be here saying hello to us. My conversational opposite said something about alternate universes being created when the time travel exists, which is exactly the same as this one, so we wouldn't know about it anyway. Well this just blew my mind. I also said I'm frightened of paradoxes. I don't understand them. If you go back in time and do something to prevent your birth, then you die... but if you don't exist to go back and alter the time line, then it's a paradox. It was at this point that my brain actually did explode and a team of Paramedics rushed on the scene and shouted "What the hell has been happening here then? STOP THIS DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AT ONCE!".

I had to have a little break from the thinking (after the disastrous results of the last time) and I think the last notable discussion I had was about the Mozart effect. This was with another conversation partner, I have well and truly been a debate whore today. My partner proposed a new effect called the Beethoven effect. In case you're not as sad as me and know about stuff like this, the "Mozart effect" basically states that listening to Mozart enhances your intelligence (when compared to listening to nothing or 'relaxation' music.) I want to recreate the test but with my favourite song of all time "Smack my Bitch Up" and observe the results.

Well, with all this thinking I might have to go and lie down in a darkened room for a few years, you might feel the need to do the same after today's marathon. Or if you feel you can continue, head over to my media blog for a tale about another debate I had about mens and women's magazines.

Today really has been about the mass debate (read in to that what you will...)


P.S. I'm extra proud of today's blog picture, because it was in fact taken by my good self in Paris, circa 2005.

Originally uploaded by amydavies87
Sitting in my bedroom,
Looking at the sun,
Thinking about the park,
And all it's fun

But it takes 20 minutes to walk
And oh oh oh
What if I can't get my spot?
And oh oh oh
What if I get too hot?

The long walk to the park
It didn't seem so long today
Why is that then - hey?

Get to my spot and it's free.
Lots and lots of space for me.
And all my crap
I've got too much stuff
Here and at home
Oh what to do.

The trouble with the park
Ohhhh the trouble with the park
Yes, the trouble with the park
Too much time
Too much time
Yes far too much time
Oh Oh Oh.

Falling asleep in the park
Like being a tramp
But only the best part
The sleeping part
I bet it's no fun being a tramp in winter
Oh to be a summertime tramp

Oh oh oh
A summertime tramp.

Walking back
Doesn't take as long
It never does
Why doesn't it take so long?
Not so much stuff
It's all gone, devoured, gone.

Oh oh oh.

There and back again.
And Back Again.
There and Back.
There and Back Again.
Back Again
Back Again Back Again Back Again.


I would thank the inspiration for today's blog, but I know he won't like that so I won't.

Even though yesterday was officially the hand in date for the dreaded dissertation, I could still talk about national identity until the cows come home.

I found myself in a pub with two Welshmen and an English woman (and myself of course - it would have been hard to leave myself behind really - I've tried it before, very messy business). I'm not quite sure how it happened but we got onto the subject of national identity, as it turns out the Welshmen have nothing against us individually, but more like as a whole nation.

The ladies explained that its nothing personal really, it's just a collective cultural ability to dismiss the other nations, probably as a result of an Anglocentric media or something. It was quite a heavy discussion after several rounds of drinking and I'm sure it was past midnight. I think that's pretty impressive. Then again, maybe it was impressive because of the drinking, not in spite of it. Perhaps the conversation actually went something like this:

Person A: What about this er, er, Welsh/English thing then?

Person B: Yeh. Damn it. God damn it.

Person A: Yeah, totally. You're so right. Why didn't I think of that. Nothing personal. HSIHKJFHSKJDGHKJFG. Definitely. Culdkjshftual diffs and that.

Person B: I lovvvve you. I bloody do. We're all British aren't we? Errrrrrrrrrr................ [something incomprehensible]

Person A: Not really.

Person B: OK, but I still bloody love you.

Person C: You know what I think? No no, it's gone. But I bet it was an excellent point. I bet it really was.

Person D: Whose round is it?

It's just another one of those things we'll never know I'm guessing - unless someone in the pub has a recording of it?

Let me know, I'm off to consider what the hell a media event is.



Isn't it funny what jealousy can do to people? When it becomes obvious that you want something that someone else has, all reasonable rationalisation goes out of the window and the green eyed monster steps in instead. (You will note that in my picture, the entire monster is green, not just his eyes - that's because he has become entirely consumed by jealousy I think).

But jealously cannot exist without words, so to be jealous of words is perhaps a very strange conundrum indeed. Intimidation. That's something else that can cause behaviour that is similar to jealousy.

But the point is this can all be so easily resolved. Stop believing that you don't have what the other person has and perhaps it will come to you, because, in the end, you won't get something without trying for it. You also have to want something, and to want something you have to forget about jealously and think instead about how you can acheive it without putting down those that do, because that simply won't get you anywhere. You might also want to think about whether you actually want that thing, or whether it's for status or simply because someone else posesses it. If you had it - would you still desire it so?

Lastly, it is important to remember that jealousy is something that happens to us all, and can be uncontrollable. But once you learn to recognise this fact then you might be able to let it go and in the end be happy.

And that's all anybody could want really isn't it?

(I love you but you're green...)
P.S. - If you think you could spare the time out of your hectic schedule, then please pay a visit to my media blog for yesterday's entry on Euro 2008.

'Look at the world around you and try to see and understand as much you can' Paulo Coelho

I spent the day at the lake today, and I thought that perhaps the lovely surroundings might inspire a fantastic blog, but I think I might be wrong about that one. I took my notepad and paper with me, but for some reason it does not inspire me as much as the keyboard seems to. Maybe that's because the computer gives a sense of urgency that somebody might actually be reading this, whereas there, in the brilliant sunshine the thought of who might be reading this couldn't have been further from my mind. Or was it? It can't be that far or I wouldn't have brought my notebook with me.

There's another point while I think about it - why have I started this notebook from the back? Could this be an anti-establishement statement against the years of oppression which forced us for centuries to start writing from the front?! Or am I just backward?

Going back to an earlier blog about resolutions, I think I am keeping them up fairly well, although point no. 11, about making this blog more interesting isn't really for me to judge.

I'd been waiting to get to the lake since Saturday, and I can tell you it was worth the wait. But then I didn't want to leave. Why did I have to leave? Probably sleeping there wouldn't have had the same lure as being there in the mid afternoon sun. Maybe I would have been pecked to death by ducks who are used to having the park back as their own territory come sunset. That's not something I'm willing to find out in the near future, so I'll have to settle for going back tomorrow if it's sunny and I've actually done some work.

I took lots of photos for photos of the day, the trouble is this leaves me with a dilemma over which one to choose. I decided to be greedy and make a whole album for it instead. When trying to capture the sunlight sparkling off the water my camera just wasn't up to the task. Rather than be sad about this, I've decided to see it as positive, as something special. Photo of the day has made me want to get out more, a subsidiary effect of the project, but a welcome one none-the-less. Not that I didn't want to get out more before, but as it's as if I needed the push.

Another thing I have noticed today is that sunglasses make people look like they're staring at you, when in all probablity they're not.

Well on reflection this is a bit of a mammoth blog, so I should probably let you get back to doing something more interesting. If you want to see exciting photos to accompany today's blog then please visit the photo link to the left.

Cheerio chums. x

I love you but you're green.

"God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style. " PABLO PICASSO

I found this quote accompanying a charming picture of a giraffe on Friday February 15, 2008 in The Times. I had no idea that it would lead to the phenomenon that is today's blog post.

As an atheist I have always been fascinated by religion. I think that might be because I have an overwhelming desire to know what's going on and to be included in everything. So when there's large groups of people believing and doing something, maybe I feel excluded from it. From another point of view, there's also a large group of people following the atheism route, so maybe I am part of that group instead.

Is it my right to be intrigued by religion? As a non-believe should I be cast to the sidelines, ready to declare that everybody is barking up the wrong tree? When the God-squad call round, I like it, not because I try to convince them that they are wrong but because I like listening to their opinions, so I can form my own and know that we are not all the same.

Is there any one particular religion that I am fond of? I suppose I have had the most encounters with Christianity, but I don't think it's my favourite. I think my favourite is probably Buddhism, because I think something that has a fat man as the central point that you can rub the belly of for good luck is a nice sentiment. Also, as I've decided I'm going to live forever, reincarnation is probably the only outlet through which this might be possible. Hang on what am I saying - I'm an atheist. I take it all back. I have no favourite religion, they are all equal.

It's not everyday that I have such profound moments, where I sit at the kitchen table and write an essay about religion, but then again, it's not every day that you would want to read my profundity, so perhaps that is the real reason. Most days I'm sure you just want to see pictures of Boris Johnson or listen to my musings on Smarties. But I think sometimes it's good to think, but not too often or that might get dangerous.

So how to conclude today's piece? Should I consider why it is that religion has touched me so deeply, when I don't even believe in it. I don't believe in fairies either but I don't give them much thought. Maybe I should? Next time this blog goes off on a similar vein it should be about the fairy world, or maybe the pixie world, or the goblin world, or the elf or imp world. Maybe I could provide a once and for all definitive guide as to the differences between them all. Is it of any relevance that this blog post comes on a Sunday or is it all just coincidence? Is everything a coincidence - is there such a thing as coincidence? You decide, I've done too much thinking today.

And after all this, perhaps there is one thing that I haven't considered.

Maybe I just liked the picture of the giraffe.

N.B. Today's blog title comes from Ghandi, thanks pal.

To look around here you might think that a certain kind of professional was in residence. Several books and posessions would seem to claim so.

But as they gather dust, all they are is suggestions of what may be, not accurate predictors.

While they are there they make me think that I will live up to their expectations, but I don't mind if I don't. I find the prospect intriguing. We are not what we do, we are who we are.

Was Einstein a clerk in a patent office or the greatest physicist who ever lived?* I can understand where old Alby is coming from after my time in the patents and trademarks world. Me and Alby are so closely related it's unbelievable.

As you can tell from today's double blog entry, one should really remember the simple phrase of "quality not quantity" so I'll sign off.

Ciao for now. x

*And of course there's the oft told tale of the simple carpenter's son who went on to own the biggest pizza chain in history.

First of all, I would like to apologise to my many readers for the severe lack of blogging action yesterday. I hope none of you cried yourself to sleep last night over it.

After consuming a bucket-load of food last night in the Mexican, we all declared that we would not be eating again for a very long time. This was soon forgotten upon production of 49p 12 assorted snack collection. (I'm not allowed to use trademarks to name them because that is wrong!). I had "cheese puffs" and Hannah had "salt and vinegar crunchy sticks".

So Bo Jo is in and Ken's out. This really is a testament to what London will do in the name of a comedy haircut. Bravo. Quote of the month (perhaps even year) belongs to Alan as he declared his disgust that the London Mayor wasn't doing enough for the rest of the UK! Right on! I bet Tony Blair is loving all this. Time named him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world this week, however Gordon was missing, it's not been a good week since him. Or as Brian Blessed, the all knowing one put it "this week was Gordon Brown's worst week as Prime Minister, since last week". I am stealing other people's words because I can't find my own. I hope you all enjoy the lovely images of Boris provided here, I know I did.

As it's only 4 years to go until the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I thought I'd start another question, along the same line as the Jack the Ripper question - why are people still so fascinated by it 100 years on? You have four whole years to think about this, and get back to me, on which day I shall do a special Titanic themed blog - tune in for that!

Loose Women annoyed me yesterday by harping on about the British weather. Yet today I am slightly miffed that it is not sunny, I am nothing if not hypocritical.

Me and Hannah got to chatting about Death last night. I'm not sure why I capitalised the word 'death' there, we weren't having a chat about the grim reaper. I've decided that quite simply I'm not going to die. Easy when you think about it really.

Well that's it for now, you never know, if you're really especially lucky I might do another blog later on and today will be a blogging extravaganza. Maybe I shouldn't have said that because you'll get your hopes up. Oh well, that's me for you.
Ciao chums x

Ballot Box

Today I visited Church. No, I haven't suddenly been touched by God, but rather, it was time to vote in the local elections. Here in Cardiff we have an extra special treat of not 1 vote, but FOUR! Yes that's right folks, FOUR!

So off I toddled to the polling booth, I won't tell you which parties I voted for, because I believe it's meant to be secret, and I don't want this blog turning into a political whip! There weren't many people when I got there, maybe there had been a sudden rush earlier, or maybe people round here aren't bothering to vote. This wouldn't surprise me as this area is probably 90% populated by students. Apathy amongst the young is a shame, although not surprising. I think politicians need to find a new way to connect with the young that doesn't involve the words 'Hug a Hoodie' or 'Webcameron'. I don't know what the answer is, which is probably why it's a good thing I'm not running for office (this time - my world domination plans don't kick off until 2022.)

Some people suggest that the voting age should be lowered to 16. It seems to me that this would create an extra million people who don't bother to vote, so what's the point. Maybe an alternative would be that any 16-year-old who has the desire to vote writes in to ask for it. Then we'd also know how many are politicised.

Today's voting got me thinking about why I vote. If you were a cynic, you might say that I voted today just so I could write this blog. Well, you might be partly correct, but at the same time, I voted last year (actually - that's a good point - I can't even remember what that was for, although it must have been different because I had two voting slips, not one...) so I must just like doing it. I remember the first time I was entitled to vote, that was for a General Election, so it was even MORE exciting - if you can believe it! It felt like a rite of passage, as if, now I'm 18 I can take part in this ritual - woo hoo! I vote now because I like to believe in a democracy, but I think I might be a bit deluded - a bit like feeling you're interacting, but really it's just to keep us all quiet. Again, with the cynicism.

Well anyway, thus ends today's special edition blog. Head over to my media blog for my review of electioneering material - yes it's really exciting isn't it!
I must be off because, as we all know, instant gratification is needed these days, not in depth political analysis, and a chocolate cheesecake and Heroes awaits me!

Ciao chums. x

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