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So tomorrow is the day that everybody (in JOMEC) has been waiting for - yes degree results day.

The kind people of JOMEC Admin are pinning the names of us all on the wall so we can all have a gawp (and possibly) guffaw at other people's grades. How nice. If I ring them up though to ask about my own degree result, I can't know because of confidentiality. Go figure.

I wasn't nervous about the results after having spent a frantic few minutes calculating the exact scores I needed to get particular grades. I thought that shouldn't be too difficult. Then Julia and Miranda asked me if I was nervous and I don't know if this set the ball rolling or I've just been watching too much Lost but last night I had some pretty disturbing visions in my sleep.

I dreamed that I only got 11% on my magazine module which meant that I got a 2:2, but I told everybody I got a first. There was then some sort of weird postgraduate meeting, although all my friends from home were there - they apparently are now wanting to do postgraduate courses at Cardiff perhaps? - and I had to reveal that I hadn't done very well at all and got shockingly low on the magazine module. To top it off, on the statement of results they had rather lovingly written in big letters: THIS IS THE WORST ANYBODY HAS EVER GOT!!!!. Even the people at JOMEC aren't usually that callous.

So here's hoping that doesn't happen.

Jen pointed out however that if this does happen, I have an incredible gift for telling the future, which is worth more than any degree. And Miranda said that it would be a good time to re-evaluate my life choices. Both good points. Damn then. I can't stop thinking about this big black letters. They will haunt me for a while.

So anyway, I'll let all my fans know the outcome tomorrow, I know you'll be dying to know.

I'm off to have more terrifying dreams about letters.....



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