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Day Tripper

Another day, another evening before a day trip! Yessss!

I won't deny, I'm a big fan of the day trip, and we all know it. I'm hoping to get a pen, or at the very least a pencil for my troubles tomorrow, as me and Emily are heading off to Chatsworth House. I've already prepared the CD, and we have a whopping great FOUR CDs, that's right, and that's lucky because last time me and Emily went on a day trip to Hampton Court palace we got lost whereupon I proclaimed 'it's ok, we've got another CD here!' - phew thank god for that!

Unfortunately, God doesn't appear to be smiling on me because the weather forecast is a bit rainy tomorrow, but although the rain may dampen our jackets, it most certainly will not dampen my spirits, or my ability to buy pens, so there!!!! You've got to stick it God, make sure he gets the message that you don't care what he's going to do just to spite him!

I'm the queen of coincidence, and this means nothing to me. This probably means nothing to you either (apart from you), but I don't care what this means to you (only to you). Ha!

Exciting news for you folks - another day trip planned on Saturday! Yes, that's right, one week, TWO new pens!!! It just doesn't get any more exciting than this, and because of that, I won't tell you the details of that day trip just now, it'll only spoil the suspense for you, let's just say that it involves a large castle, and I do like those indeed.

In other news, although I haven't stepped out of the house today, I've managed to avoid any supermassive black holes that are meandering around the Oldbury area, and for that we can all be truly grateful, but I have been told to watch out for Spon Lane and Farm Road, I think that might just be a general life lesson for us all though! Spoon Spon, Broom Brom. Let my road to the top of the charts begin with that phrase, you heard it here first.

Anyway, before this blog lives up to its name just a little bit too much, I shall sign off now, see you on the other side of the Peak District.


Voice Control

I have typed over 55,000 words in my temp job this week, just over half of which have probably been 'erm' and 'um', which all have to be typed in minute detail.

I managed to pick up a whopping great 64 minute tape to transcribe, which didn't exactly fill me with heady anticipation, but upon listening to the tape, the very considerate man told the woman not to speak at the same time as him to 'make it easier for the typist' - I love him, he's thought of me when he's doing his job, isn't that nice, it makes mine so much easier.

I've been sitting next to a robot for two days now. The robot wasn't there on Monday and Tuesday, but she is disturbing me now. I don't know about you, but I've always found it common courtesy to smile at least at a person sitting next to you in an office environment, but not the robot, she just types, types, types staring at the computer screen with such intensity as though it's going to reveal an undiscovered Shakespearean sonnet. I wrote "you are a robot" and put it next to her, of course, I wrote it in shorthand, because I'm a coward, I suppose we don't know if she understands shorthand, I don't know if they have that in robot school, but she doesn't look away from the computer anyway.

Tomorrow may or may not be my last day of typing, although it's unbelievably dull, it's gone by quickly, but I can hardly say I'll miss it, or the robot, if I have to leave, I'll miss the money though of course. Some people have been working there for a YEAR. This week has taught me a valuable lesson if nothing else, I can't let this become what I do.

I'd have shot myself by now having to do this, day in, day out for a year - there must be something better, there's your incentive, must try hard to get a job with at least two different functions, so as one does not end shooting oneself through tedium and boredom. And I think that's a lesson we can all appreciate.

Well that's all for now, I've done enough typing for the day, I don't know why I'm volunteering to do extra ;)


It's so naughty that I haven't blogged in almost a month, what kind of behaviour is this for a journalist?

But please be inspired to know that I have at least been writing in some form or another, on the Motley Fool, so you know, from all that I'm just whacked out. Wait a minute, that's no excuse, I take that back. I'm just naughty.

I've been temping for two days and my ears hurt and I'm getting RSI in my foot. Oh well, never mind, at least there's a microwave so I can have hot soup and watch half an hour of either Loose Women or Sixty Minute Makeover - oh the excitement.

I think Hurricane Gustav hit Cardiff this afternoon, just as I was leaving work because my umbrella (I say mine, but I found it somewhere) has finally bitten the dust, the trees outside the office were bent over double and I nearly got blown into the road. Half an hour earlier there'd been glorious sunshine, God is against me today clearly.

I think we can all thank Matt for today's blog, for upon his return I just had to compete really, although his is much better than mine because mine has just been a boring disapassionate list of today's events, which were, all in all, truly unexciting. Oh hang on a minute! I forgot to tell you how they had no minced beef in co-op because they are doing it up, see it's not all dull dull dull in Amyland today.

Anyway I best get off, I have to start some research for more advice for the financial inept, if only I had some for myself.

Ciao chums. xxx

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