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Sitting in my bedroom,
Looking at the sun,
Thinking about the park,
And all it's fun

But it takes 20 minutes to walk
And oh oh oh
What if I can't get my spot?
And oh oh oh
What if I get too hot?

The long walk to the park
It didn't seem so long today
Why is that then - hey?

Get to my spot and it's free.
Lots and lots of space for me.
And all my crap
I've got too much stuff
Here and at home
Oh what to do.

The trouble with the park
Ohhhh the trouble with the park
Yes, the trouble with the park
Too much time
Too much time
Yes far too much time
Oh Oh Oh.

Falling asleep in the park
Like being a tramp
But only the best part
The sleeping part
I bet it's no fun being a tramp in winter
Oh to be a summertime tramp

Oh oh oh
A summertime tramp.

Walking back
Doesn't take as long
It never does
Why doesn't it take so long?
Not so much stuff
It's all gone, devoured, gone.

Oh oh oh.

There and back again.
And Back Again.
There and Back.
There and Back Again.
Back Again
Back Again Back Again Back Again.


I would thank the inspiration for today's blog, but I know he won't like that so I won't.


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